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Radical & Spiritual Support

Labyrinth Life Coaching helps you disentangle your dreams and needs from the limitations of capitalism and other forms of oppression, holding space for you to explore your hopes, share your fears and create the life you want. 


Tell Me More:

Coaching sessions hold space for you to feel into your vision of a seasonal, slow and spiritual life, and support you to identify what is blocking your path. We know that the personal is political and that social change requires personal change. You may not think that your goals relate to seasonal, slow or spiritual living, but this is just a lens for what freedom can look like. If you want to make a difference in this world, you're in the right place and this service is for you.

This is radical support that acknowledges systemic oppression is often at the root of our mental and physical blocks, and these limitations must be vocalised if our goals are to be fruitful. The system is set up to keep us compliant and productive, not with our best interests, hopes and dreams at the core, even more so if we're marginalised. This is a radical offering where we explore what  abundance looks like for you, rather than presuming middle-class aspirational heteronormative measures of success.

Self-exploration supports and nourishes us in the now, and helps us start taking steps towards the liberated, meaningful lives we long for. Coaching brings you a valuable broader perspective, non-judgemental safe space and access to tools to shift your personal narrative and commit to lasting change. It’s my passion and honour to support you on the path towards meeting your goals and creating empowering change. Together we will look at your life to create a holistic approach towards improvement and hold you with gentle accountability as you start to walk a new path.

Coaching Is A Good Fit If:
  • You’ve been feeling trapped or apathetic, going through the motions but unable to shift the feeling that there’s more to you, more to life than where you are right now.
  • You’re a personal transformation rebel who has been creating a meaningful life and just wants to lean into some support to smash the barriers to your liberation.
  •  You know social change starts with personal change and the personal is political. You long to plant seeds for change, within you and within the wider world.
  • You feel commited to change your paradigm but you’re in need of support and help forming a roadmap
  • You want help to un-learn the productivity driven sense of worth you were raised with and want to replace linear living with slow living

How Can I Best Support You On The Path Ahead?

There’s 3 offerings you can lean into:


3 month deep dive


1 potent session


1 shot of spiritual advice

About Moss

I’m a queer slow-living radical Pagan and I want to be your co-conspirator and the co-creator of your new path.

I feel charged with the task of facilitating community and enabling folks to heal and grow.  

How It Works

Taking On New Clients

Openings for new BLOOM BLOCK clients will soon be available on an ongoing basis, but it may revert to a waiting list at busy times.

If you are invited to join the waitlist you will be notified of the next BLOOM BLOCK opening. If you are interested in the other coaching offerings, check out the SEED SESSION and SPIRIT SPEAK offerings on the main LLC page.

Decide Which Offering Is Right

If you’re waiting or a BLOOM BLOCK place, once there is an opening, book your consultation call via the website. If, after our chat, we both feel we’re a good fit, you will be invited to book your place.

SEED SESSIONS and SPIRIT SPEAK are  available to book immediately. Click the ‘Learn More’ button above to find out more about the purpose of each offering.


The First Steps On Your New Path

After booking you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to get started.
Sessions are confidential safe space to share your feelings and be heard. You will be supported, guided and receive gentle accountability in completing any action points we set. I bring you a valuable outside perspective, my skills, knowledge and a host of tools and resources to help you create the life you want.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I know I’m ready for coaching?
If you’ve had the nagging feeling for some time that something needs to change, or you know you need a little support to take the next step, then it’s a great time to consider coaching.
However, coaching sessions require emotional availability and a deep commitment to change. I am glad to hold the space, but ultimately you are only responsible to yourself.
If you have this strong desire for change, and are in a place with the capacity to complete activities between sessions, you are ready to begin your coaching journey.


What does a coach do?
A coach provides a valuable external perspective so you can get clear on what is holding you back and where you want your path to take you. Along with my clients, we co-create a plan to help you overcome your blocks and move forward to create the life you want. I provide gentle accountability to keep you on track and make sure you have the tools and resources you need to create lasting change.
As a radical coach, I, unlike many other coaches, also recognise the role of oppression, marginalisation and toxic productivity in your blocks and inner narrative, and provide an open-minded safe space for you to explore whatever your hopes and dreams may be. Please note I am not a relationship/health/career coach, my focus is seasonal, slow and spiritual living predominantly. I may refer you elsewhere if I feel a specialist coach would be a better fit for you.
What’s the difference between coaching and counselling?
Coaching is focused on the present and the path ahead. Coaching helps you to understand what is blocking you currently in achieving the life you want and uses goals to take steps towards your vision.
In comparision, counselling looks to identify and heal from problems in the past that are still effecting you today.
There is often overlap between the two services and clients can use both simultaneously to good effect.
Do I need a particular issue in mind I want to change?
For you to get the most out of the coaching experience it’s an easier process for you if you know what your goals are. We can’t fix everything so we need to be clear about what we’re working toward. It’s worth giving this some real thought before you book any coaching services.
However, if you’re plagued by the feeling that things need to change but aren’t sure exactly what those changes may look like, we can explore your feelings to access which life changes may create the feelings you want to embody.
What if I can’t afford it?
I have been in this situation so many times, I can relate! I am more interested in genuine human connection than I am making money. If you think I can help you but can’t pay the fees in one go, get in touch via the box below and we can explore options like instalments, scholarships and trades.
A Typical Session Looks Like:
SEED SESSION: A 60-90 minute one-off session with the aim to give you space to feel into your goal – how would you experience life if you reach that goal? How would it feel, what would your life look like etc? We also consider the very first steps you can take to set foot on the path to change. You are heard, encouraged to dream and given a resource or two to get you heading in the right direction. You receive a private recording of your session and any additional tools to help you progress toward your goal.
BLOOM BLOCK: Once you’ve had your introductory session, our 90 minute sessions begin with a check-in, we explore your progress since the last session and decide on a goal for that day in relation to your overall goal. We explore some different perspectives to re-frame your situation and then agree on which tools you want to take on to help you progress.
Being a block booking means we can do a deep dive into your goal, explore some underlying issues that have been blocking your progress and give you the time and space to move forward and create lasting change. You receive a private recording of each session and a wide range of tools to help you progress toward your goal.
SPIRIT SPEAK: A one-off shot of spiritual wisdom needing no preparation. Offered either as an email or recorded video, this sessions allows you quick and direct advice on your spiritual needs. Need help connecting to deity? Unsure what to put on your altar? Feeling disconnected from nature, or want a new spiritual direction? Share your question when booking and receive personalised advice to help your practices unfurl into new life.


'I was blown away week after week as you pulled out the most important points from my (often very long) responses, whether written or spoken. Additionally, you were able to read between the lines to get to the heart of what I was really trying to say when I couldn’t quite articulate it. This is such a gift in a coach, especially to give your clients personalized recommendations rather than generalized advice. I cannot stress enough how I truly felt seen and heard by you throughout the entire process!'


'I love that you always have nuggets of wisdom and resources for me to look into that are super relevant and are helpful. You hold space in a really kind and accepting way. You bring me back to the point gently when I go off on a tangent or over explain something.'


'The discussion during each session had the greatest impact because I felt like it was really tailored to me, from the questions that were asked to the recommendations that were given. Reflecting on this, I realize this is likely due to the detailed intake forms as well as the action plans in between each session. I’ve never participated in coaching that had homework in between each session, and while it felt like a lot of work at first, I quickly realized that this was the reason why the sessions were so impactful: it forced me to reflect on what we talked about as well as plan for how I was actually going to integrate the action points into my life. While I know we still would have had inspiring conversations without the action plans, I don’t think they would have been as impactful if I just showed up to have a conversation without doing the work in between.'


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