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Providing free resources is fundamental to keeping Spiral Path accessible, relevant and authentic.

I want the dicsussion around seasonal, slow and spiritual living to happen at multiple levels.

As someone who has spent their whole adult life with little expendable income, I’m tired of people in the same position being left out.

Please enjoy this content and do get in touch if there’s any other type of resource you would like to see here.


Woodland Wondering Podcast

Woodland Wondering is part of the Spiral Path project that creates community exploring seasonal, slow and spiritual living.

This podcast provides seasonal and experiential narratives including all the sounds of nature plus the experiences and thoughts of me your host, Moss.

Expect bird song and rustling trees, thoughts on decolonisation, land access, foraging tips, herbalism, wild-crafting, folklore, paganism, nature, anti-capitalism, nature and re-wilding.

Lets share the path awhile…

Free Zines

Do you find Christmas challenging or long to make it a restful and nourishing time? This zine provides a wide variety of suggested ways to re-frame our experience of Winter celebrations and the meanings they hold.

This free zine is the result of my two decades of experience taking what resonates from Christmas traditions and expectations, along with the meaning and joy of the Winter Solstice to create slow, relevant and fun seasonal celebrations to share with friends and family.

There’s a wealth of folklore, folk practices and traditions associated with Winter and we can use these as tools to help us reject the hyper-capitalistic and high pressured frenzy that Christmas has become. This zine considers practices we can do such as setting boundaries and embracing rest, ways we can re-create meaningful traditions, and how we can embrace the Winter Solstice as a focus of relevant celebrations.

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