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Discover the potential for a re-enchanted worldview as a tool against the toxic impacts of capitalism and productivity culture in our lives.


Learn how re-enchantment reconnects us with nature, seasonal cycles and provides magical ways of moving through the world.


Begin healing the impact of capitalist productivity ideology by giving yourself permission to work and rest with your energetic cycles, and to return to an embodied relationship with the land.

Hello, I’m Moss

I facilitate community that explores seasonal, slow & spiritual living.

Let’s share the path awhile…

Exploring seasonal, slow & spiritual living in community…

Spiral Path follows the seasonal cycles as the earth wakes, blooms, withdraws and rests.

Welcome to this vessel of community and enchantment. Patreon members receive tips, tricks and folklore to become more in tune with natural cycles. We celebrate each turn of the wheel with live seasonal rituals online. We share thoughts and support each other via a Discord community.

Rather than presenting myself as having all the answers, I want to share this journey with you and facilitate change in all our lives.


Workshops & Courses

Do you want to dive deeper into seasonal, slow & spiritual living? Spiral Path offers workshops and courses that act as supportive community vessels to create positive change in your life and bring you closer to nature. Classes are accessibly priced and include scholarships and discounts for marginalised folks.

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Patreon community

Supporters receive exclusive access to our online community, The Grove, seasonal live rituals, posts including recipes, ‘how to’ videos and thought pieces. We meet periodically in shadow work and chat sessions. There are also live Q&As, free access to public workshops and discounts on extensive courses.

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Tarot Readings

Would you like to unlock your intuition, choose a new path in life or receive some receive some practical guidance? My readings are developmental rather than psychic in nature, and have helped many folks gain new insights and find fresh ways to live in alignment with their goals, boundaries, beleifs and dreams.

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Since joining The Spiral Path’s Patreon I have felt supported and in the company of a friend. I really appreciate her local knowledge and that I am able to support a local creator.

Moss’s voice is so calming and perfect for rituals and especially during meditation. Her drumming during one of the latest ritual celebrations felt transformative and really assisted my connection to the moment.  I’d never had such a connection using music or instruments before so the memory of that will stay with me.


Woodland Wondering Podcast

latest episode

The Woodland Wondering podcast provides seasonal and experiential narratives including all the sounds of nature plus the experiences and thoughts of me your host, Moss.

The name of the podcast reflects its content – part walking meditation, part stream-of-consciousness, sharing thoughts inspired by nature whilst walking the land.

Expect bird song and rustling trees, thoughts on decolonisation, land access, foraging tips, herbalism, wild-crafting, folklore, paganism, nature, anti-capitalism, nature and re-wilding.

Lets share the path awhile…

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