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Transform your relationship to our Earth through community, learning and radical change

Radical reconnection

to nature

Spiral Path connects conscious, radical folks to nature. Through a variety of courses, mentorship and resources, we help you embrace the enchanting, healing power of our Earth and reconnect to your inner and outer landscape.


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My Values

Facilitating community, learning and creativity so we can build beautiful new worlds together beyond the oppression.

Revolutionising our collective spiritual and practical relationship to our Earth at this critical time of climate crisis.

Sharing radical, anti-capitalist, decolonial and queer perspectives for education and inspiration.


Workshops & Courses

Do you want to dive deeper into seasonal, slow & spiritual living? Spiral Path offers workshops and courses that act as supportive community vessels to create positive change in your life and bring you closer to nature. Classes are accessibly priced and include scholarships and discounts for marginalised folks. 


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Patreon community

Supporters receive exclusive access to our online community, The Grove, seasonal live rituals, posts including recipes, ‘how to’ videos and thought pieces. We meet periodically in shadow work and chat sessions. There are also live Q&As, free access to public workshops and discounts on extensive courses.


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Labyrinth Life Coaching helps you disentangle your dreams and needs from the limitations of capitalism and other forms of oppression, holding space for you to explore your hopes, share your fears and create the life you want. Book a free chat to find out more about the radical coaching and spiritual support sessions.


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It was such a beautiful and touching experience for me, I felt so heard and held by your work in understanding my question and your response to it. It has been hugely helpful to me, I had quite an emotional response and it triggered some great conversations with my partner and honestly just gave me permission to look inwards and think about myself in a way that I’ve always felt self indulgent about before…

There was so much in your reading that was powerful and helpful to me. I keep coming back to it. It’s a very generous and beautiful experience and I just want to say thank you – it’s clear you don’t take it lightly and I think it’s amazing.


Since joining The Spiral Path’s Patreon I have felt supported and in the company of a friend. I really appreciate her local knowledge and that I am able to support a local creator.

Moss’s voice is so calming and perfect for rituals and especially during meditation. Her drumming during one of the latest ritual celebrations felt transformative and really assisted my connection to the moment.  I’d never had such a connection using music or instruments before so the memory of that will stay with me.



Thank you for this course, Moss, it really helped me this winter to connect to myself and to what I needed most at this time in my life – connection to the Divine Child within. Bless you, and I shall go forward into Spring with the eyes of the child and the heart of one who has beheld the flame of Winter deep within the cave of stillness and silence. xoxo


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